It’s not just about how good you are; it’s also about who you know. The system is stacked against many community college students because they simply aren’t as connected in the world of public service. We’re going to change that, one relationship at a time.  

As a part of the Community Groundworks program, you’ll be connected to a mentor in your field based on professional experience, shared interests, and geographical proximity. This three-month relationship will focus on the Lessons and Ideas that Nurture Knowledge and Success and give you a connection to the world you will be entering.  

You’ll meet up with your mentor for at least an hour a week. During this, you’ll get to share ideas, check your assumptions against your Mentor’s experience, and hear more from those running grassroots campaigns, fundraising, and digital programs. Once you are in the program, you’ll also get plenty of resources and support about maximizing the time with your mentor, including ideas for how to structure your meetings, a mentor/mentee agreement, and thoughts on making your conversations as productive as possible! 

Let's ensure you have one more person in your corner with CG Links. 

A Mentee is…

…technically, “Someone who receives advice, assistance, and feedback from a more experienced person over a set period, resulting in the enhancement of the mentee’s educational studies or professional experience.”  Whew.   But for Community Groundworks, a mentee is open, engaged, and willing to learn.   

The mentor/mentee relationship works the best when you come to the table with clear goals and a willingness to hear and absorb constructive feedback.  It works the worst when you are just trying to get into someone’s Rolodex.  

As a part of the CGLinks program, we’ll help you: 

  • Set clear, agreed-on parameters and boundaries between you and your mentor.
  • Identify goals and challenges, and set priorities.
  • Actively seek advice from your mentor.
  • Learn how to drive the relationship by increasing responsibility for self-reflection and development. 
  • Set yourself up for a long-term connection.  Even though the official relationship is only three months long, this connection can go on much longer!  

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