Mentor Toolkit

Mentor Toolkit - To Help Facilitate Conversations and Ideas

Remember to activate curiosity. Keep them engaged. Show them that they belong in the room. 


Project-Based Ideas

  • Design a Mailer
  • Review a Dataset
  • Volunteer Recruitment
  • Phone/Text Bank Together
  • Create Social Media Posts
  • Write a Press Release

Career Development

Having Conversations 

Work on small talk. 

Civic Engagement

There is a problem in my neighborhood. Where do I go to get something done? 

  • Attend a city council, school board, or other community meetings (Virtual or Online). 
    • Review the agenda together before the meeting.
    • Encourage them to make a public comment. Write it together
    • Explain parliamentarian procedure if they don't know it. 
    • Talk about the meeting afterwards. 

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