Support the next generation of leaders!

Community Groundwork is committed to training, mentoring, and preparing the next generation of leaders for a career in campaigning and activism. Our focus on resourcing under-served communities by providing bootcamps and ongoing support helps young leaders find their path, prepare for professional growth, and to organize to make their neighborhoods and cities reflect their ideals.

A one-time donation of $300 or a monthly donation of $25 sponsors one student to attend the workshop. Of course, anything that you can give will help us prepare the new generation of civic leaders.

Your donations help train students like Leann, a member of our May cohort. We asked her about her time with CG, here's what she said:

Which training stood out to you in the workshop and why? 

I liked the communication with Nina Smith. She was a really good speaker and was very energized, making me more interested in learning what she had to say.

Her training was helpful because I have trouble with communicating, especially getting my voice out there. And that’s what she was teaching. She was saying, “Oh, you need to make sure your story is put together and you need to make sure that you have the main point so it's smooth and it flows and that helped me because usually when I talk, it's all over the place. So hopefully if I ever am in communications in the future, I will take those lessons to heart.”

Are you in the job shadowing program now?

Yes, I'm working with Rep. Linda Serato right now. So I am in the constituent letter department, I help her categorize her emails. And now I'm working on Creating rough drafts for letters that she needs to send out. I think I really like it, and it's a great opportunity that’s giving me more experience. Also Linda’s very kind and considerate. 

What are your next goals after the CG program?

Right now I'm just focused on school and trying to transfer because I have one more year left and I'm working on applications this month and the next, so I'm not really focused on finding work, only looking to get out of school first and then after that I don't know. I'll probably try to branch out my social circles because I know it's really important from what I learned here. I haven't looked at schools yet or I haven't been on campuses but I do have an idea of where I want to transfer. I think I want to stay in California. I want to go to UCLA but I don't know if that's realistic or possible, but we'll see.