CG Lifts

Community Groundworks knows you are ambitious and engaged. We know you’ll go far. That’s why we’re here to open up the black box a little by matching you with someone working in your field of interest (and it won’t be your CG Links Mentor).  You’ll spend a day or two shadowing them in their daily activities and get a real sense of how their field works and if the job is right for you.  

While job shadowing is a shorter time commitment than an internship, this relationship will give you the chance to observe one version of workplace culture, explore the day-to-day life of a job, and ask questions. You’ll also have an opportunity to develop professional contacts, and with any luck, meet people who can advise you on career choices and advancement in your professional life.

Your next job and your next career are important decisions - let's make them informed ones with CG Lifts. 

What you can expect 

You’ll spend at least one full day with your host, shadowing them through a typical day in their work-life. Specific activities vary among host sites, but some everyday experiences include:

  • Getting a sense of the skills required for success on the job and observing procedures and structures in action
  • Learning your host’s career history 
  • Learning more about trends or hot-button issues in the industry
  • Observing how teamwork plays a vital role in the organization
  • Meeting other employees and learning about their areas of expertise
  • Sharing your career interests with the host and asking questions
  • the student’s resume or LinkedIn profile
  • Touring of the company/facility and checking in on various departments

Your Host Will…

Be Prepared - with an hour-by-hour plan.  

Think Conversation, Not Presentation - we want the CG LIFT experience to be a two-way discussion in which your interests, plans for your education, and hopes for a future career are just as vital as the day job. This will be a comfortable day. You’ll have time to ask questions.  

Connect you with Colleagues - Your host wants to give you as broad a look at the organization as possible: its people, patterns, and job functions. Expect to make some connections.  

Give you something to take home.

Your host will close out the day with some extra readings and a dose of connectivity.  The take-aways won’t always be the same from job to job, but we’ll make sure you have: 

  • Data about your company, position, and the broader field.
  • Your Business Card
  • Literature on professional organizations associated with your industry
  • A list of relevant books or sites they’ve read or used to get where they are today.

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