Community Groundwork Ambassador Meeting

Join Elizabeth and CG Board Members in a Virtual Meeting to Brainstorm Outreach ideas. 

We would love to have you join our Outreach team and be a Student Ambassador. 
What is it? - You would speak to groups on campus, professors and other students about Community Groundwork. You'll work with board members, brainstorming strategizing on how to get Community Groundwork out across the 19 community college campuses in LA County. 
What is the time commitment? - We will meet for 1 hour a month and we ask you to contribute 2- 4 hours to speak to student clubs, professors and send emails to outreach members of your school's community but ask you to also provide outreach to some local colleges as well. 
What else will we do? - After building and fine-tuning your outreach skills, Ambassadors will be provided the tools to connect with local leaders to introduce Community Groundwork to them and build those partnerships. Remember, each of these introductions and partnerships will now be part of your network. 
Benefit for you? - Build your network! Work with professional organizers and get real-world experience on how to effectively build partnerships and grow an organization. You also get to share ideas, help advise me (Elizabeth) and the organization to think outside the box. What else should we be doing? 
Aren't really sure you want to dedicate your time to this but still want to share your ideas and brainstorm, join the meeting on Friday, October 22nd at 12 or email me your ideas. I really want you to be part of this and really value your thoughts, opinions and ideas. 

October 22, 2021 at 12:00pm - 1pm



Will you come?